• use the elevator to set up the transport trolley, the transport trolley moves horizontally in the car, the elevator can move vertically, and park the car in the corresponding parking space.

  • The equipment uses the elevaor to lift pallet to the designated floor, and then uses the horizontal movement mechanism installed on the elevator to send pallet to the parking space; Or the opposite, the pallet on the designated parking space is transferred by the horizontal movement mechanism to the lifting mechanism, and the elevator is lowered to the entrance.

  • Using advanced comb tooth exchange technology, the vehicle is stored above the traverse comb rack, the traverse comb rack supports the tires of the vehicle through the outstretched comb teeth, The lifts comb teeth on the both left and right sides lift the vehicle through the backlash exchange to complete the exchange.

  • Combined with the vehicle exchange method of the comb tower parking, the parking space and the lifting channel are staggered combination, and only one lifting channel is reserved as a turnover. Parking spaces can be set up in other areas, which can greatly increase the parking density.

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