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Working principle:

Using advanced comb tooth exchange technology, the vehicle is stored above the traverse comb rack, the traverse comb rack supports the tires of the vehicle through the outstretched comb teeth, The lifts comb teeth on the both left and right sides lift the vehicle through the backlash exchange to complete the exchange.


1. Small land occupation, large vehicle capacity, greatly improving the land use rate;

2. Highly intelligent, the whole machine PLC control system and a complete set of parking detection and guidance system, safety protection system, automatic fire protection system, etc.;

3. Driving forward to parking or retrieval, no backing, U-turn and other actions are required; people can leave after the vehicle is parked at the entrance and exit of the garage, and the parking system can be connected to the license plate recognition system and the charging management system;

4. The technology of comb exchange does not need to send back the pallet, and the parking and retrieval can be completed by lifting the comb frame and moving the comb frame;

5. There is no leveling requirement for the lifting table plate, and the horizontal moving exchange speed is fast, more reliable and cost-effective.

Equipment diagram:

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