The 20th anniversary of the National Technical Committee for standardization of lifting machinery was successfully held in Beijing


       On December 12, 2018, the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the National Technical Committee for lifting machinery standardization was successfully held in Beijing. The 20th anniversary celebration was organized by Beijing lifting and transportation machinery design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., crane Standardization Committee, all members of its sub technical committees, parking equipment working group and electrical equipment working group, industry experts and special features More than 260 guests were invited to attend.

       Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of crane Standardization Committee, Zhang Hongwei, deputy director of special equipment safety supervision bureau of State Administration of market supervision, and other leaders delivered speeches successively, and Tang Chao, chairman of Beijing lifting and transportation machinery design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. The commemorative activities comprehensively reviewed the development history of crane Standardization Committee in the past 20 years, showed the achievements and honors of standardization work, and prospected the future standardization work of lifting machinery.

       Nine units were awarded the title of "20 years" advanced unit of crane standardization work; 15 members and experts were awarded the title of outstanding contribution award of "20 years" lifting machinery standardization work.

      Since its establishment in 1997, the crane Standards Committee has established various sub technical committees and working groups. At present, it has gathered more than 260 experts and consultants in the field of machinery, structure, hydraulic and electrical control. In the past 20 years, the Standardization Committee has organized and completed the formulation and revision of more than 320 national standards and industrial standards; held more than 40 standard publicity and implementation meetings for more than 50 standards, with more than 5000 trainees; in terms of standards internationalization, 16 groups represented China in the ISO / TC96 series of meetings, 3 groups participated in the ISO / TC111 series of meetings, held 3 international standards conferences, and voted on international standards every year Both China's China English one belt, one road, 100% countries and 95% international standard conversion rate, have successfully promoted China to assume the chairmen and Secretariat of ISO/TC96. In order to support the strategic development of the "one belt and one way" strategy, we have completed the translation work of 15 national standards, such as GB/T 3811-2008, which has significantly enhanced China's position in the international standardization organization of crane.

Group photo of all participants in the 20th anniversary of crane Standards Committee

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