"Striving for the first and creating brilliance again in 2019pk activity" was officially launched in MaoYuan intelligent exhibition hall on April 28


Introduction to the event

In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of "2019 internal PK program of all departments of the company", promote all departments to actively participate in PK activities, fully show the vitality of MaoYuan people, promote the activity upsurge of PK competition in the whole company, encourage us to strive for the first place, create brilliance again, and realize the leap forward development of the company, the company held a launching ceremony on April 28, 2019!

Department preparation

Earnest   Careful

Technology   Innovate

Background screen

Launching ceremony

The company leaders attended the launching ceremony

Leader's speech

Confer the team flag

Award the team flag and sign the letter of commitment

Style display

Led by the team leader, each department carried out a wonderful department introduction activity, and displayed the PK slogan and formation of the queue.

Group photo

Torrent bravely advance, 2019pk activity officially launched! Striving for the first place bravely and creating brilliance again is the unremitting pursuit of MaoYuan people. Work hard and serve customers. Let's treat every challenge in our work with PK spirit and take the responsibility of the department seriously!

I believe that we will make great achievements in the annual summary!

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