Pride of the New District: a large high-rise intelligent parking lot is added to the West Coast new area


Wutaishan road intelligent parking lot project is the goal positioning of Qingdao Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd., focusing on the requirements of the provincial government's notice on printing and distributing the overall construction scheme of Shandong new and old kinetic energy conversion comprehensive test zone (FGD [2018] No. 67), seizing the opportunity of the national "guidance on strengthening the construction of urban parking facilities", and serving the new area to take the lead.

The first high-rise intelligent parking lot project in the West Coast new area, undertaken by Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., is aimed at alleviating parking problems in the new area and improving traffic operation efficiency in combination with the development trend of future smart parking lot.

The project is located in the south of the Affiliated Hospital of Qingyi in Huangdao District, covering an area of 3520.7 square meters, with a planned construction area of more than 10000 square meters. The project is designed to use 8 stereoscopic tower and warehouse equipment, with 400 parking spaces and 50 meters floor height. The charging point interface is reserved in the parking space, leaving sufficient space for the subsequent smart parking upgrade. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, which will be a high-rise intelligent parking tower project integrating environmental protection, technology and beauty.

The beginning of the project

The project is located in the south of Wutaishan road and the east of Kaifa South Road in Huangdao District. According to the shape of the land, the mechanical parking garage is arranged in the south, and the supporting commerce is arranged in the north. The vehicle entrances and exits are set along Wutaishan road and the planning road in the East. The ring fire lane is set around the building to meet the fire prevention requirements.

Project overview

MaoYuan intelligent combined with the surrounding environment factors, according to the actual situation issued parking optimization plan, the parking garage is based on the plane layout of 7 × 7 parking units, using 8 units, the plane is regular, the axis is clear, the structure is simple, has strong adaptability, the parking space reserves the charging pile connection, and introduces the intelligent parking system to meet the requirements of modern use.

When the vehicle enters the parking lot, through the intelligent parking management system, the guidance system will guide the vehicle to the designated storage location. After the driver leaves the vehicle, the garage will close the door for monitoring, and it will run automatically when there is no one. MaoYuan intelligent is committed to solving urban parking problems through intelligent parking technology.

Device information

Garage type: PCS vertical lift

Number of equipment floors: 7 × 7 parking units and 8 units in plane layout

Capacity specification: length 5300 * width 1900 * height 1550 (2050) unit: mm

Access advantages: frequency conversion control, fast speed, low energy consumption

Average storage / retrieval time: 90 seconds

Advantages: improve land utilization, energy saving and emission reduction, anti-theft, vehicles moving in and out of the garage

Mechanical berths: 400

Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd. have reached a strategic cooperation agreement. In the future, with the increase of the number of cars in the new area year by year, the problems of parking difficulty and disorderly parking are becoming increasingly prominent. The existing ground parking quantity is far from meeting the parking requirements of the West Coast new area. In order to meet the needs of social development and urban development, both sides are committed to solving the problem of urban parking through intelligent parking technology based on the concept of "first try, good at doing and good at success".

Qingdao parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd. will build 30 smart public parking lots in the West Coast New Area in the follow-up cooperation. At the same time, actively respond to the government's call of "energy conservation and emission reduction", and always take energy conservation and environmental protection as the central work.

Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd

Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a well-known professional manufacturer of domestic mechanical parking equipment R & D and manufacturing. The company has participated in drafting a number of national standards, has strong technical strength, has obtained more than 200 parking equipment related patents, has 8 categories of production and manufacturing qualifications for stereo garage, and is a well-known enterprise in the industry.

MaoYuan parking company actively participates in the construction and operation of urban parking lot, and contributes to solve the problems of urban parking difficulty and disorderly parking. The company has completed the government invested Minsheng intelligent parking lot projects in Qingdao: 800 parking spaces for Jimo clothing wholesale market project, 150 parking spaces for Chengyang people's hospital project, and 150 parking spaces for Xiangjiang Road intelligent parking lot project in Huangdao

After nearly ten years of development, Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. has opened dozens of offices throughout the country, built nearly 1000 stereo parking projects for the country, and exported more than 30 countries. In the future, Qingdao MaoYuan parking equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. will always adhere to the development concept of "quality determines the future", and will build more intelligent three-dimensional parking projects around the world.

Major Honors:

High tech Enterprises

Shandong enterprise technology center

National standard drafting unit of mechanical parking equipment

Vice chairman unit of parking equipment working committee

National level "honest and law-abiding enterprise"

Qingdao Engineering Research Center

Shandong Province "contract, keep reputation" enterprises

AAA credit rating certification enterprise

Top 10 leading enterprises of stereo parking equipment in China

Top 10 brands of high end intelligent stereo parking equipment in China

Top 10 mechanical parking equipment enterprises in 2018

Top 30 mechanical parking equipment sales enterprises in 2018

Demonstration enterprise of intelligent parking in public parking lot

National hospital intelligent parking demonstration enterprise

Qingdao Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd

Qingdao Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent parking lot construction and operation enterprise. In response to and implementation of the Shandong provincial Party committee and government's deployment of accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and promoting the transformation and upgrading of economic structure, Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd. with the support of the District Committee and the district government, built an intelligent parking project in the West Coast NEW area, attracted social capital, and effectively alleviated parking difficulties and traffic congestion in the area without increasing financial burden Elephant.

Established in April 2018, the parking company adheres to the concept of "beauty comes from true feelings", and takes the parking facilities planning of the new area as the starting point, and devotes itself to building intelligent parking space in the West Coast new area, gradually alleviating the parking problem and effectively improving the traffic environment of the new area.

Zhenqing bus parking management Co., Ltd. is determined to become the pioneer and leader of the construction of smart parking lot in the West Coast new area. It responds to the general secretary's concept of "first try, good at doing and good at success". Through "smart parking service", people's life on the West Coast will be healthier, more harmonious and better.

The company's main business scope includes: parking service, parking car business, car testing service, shop rental service, advertising agency production and other businesses.

Among them, parking management, as the top priority of the company's development, has formed a complete set of parking lot planning and design; property management; parking equipment production and sales; parking lot information consulting service and other comprehensive service system.

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