Mechanical industry standard vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment (Draft for examination) passed the examination in Beijing


      Led by MaoYuan intelligent parking and under the jurisdiction of SAC / tc227, the mechanical industry standard vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment (Draft for approval) was approved in Beijing on December 12, 2018.

       The review meeting was attended by 49 experts and representatives from 43 units including vertical circulation mechanical parking equipment manufacturers, scientific research institutes, users and testing institutions.

      The review meeting was presided over by Zhao Chunhui, Secretary General of national Lifting Machinery Standardization Technical Committee. After listening to the main drafters' explanation on the standard formulation process and the main technical contents of the standard, the experts attending the meeting conducted a comprehensive, detailed and serious review of the draft of the above mechanical industry standard, put forward some modification opinions and suggestions, and passed the standard review on the basis of consensus.

     The revision of this standard has modified the terms of parking equipment, environmental conditions, the maximum time of single vehicle in and out, supplemented the relevant technical requirements of new technology and new products, and solved the problems of GB standard The coordination of important standards such as 17907-2010 "general safety requirements for mechanical parking equipment" will play a positive role in improving product quality and intrinsic safety, standardizing market economic order and cooperating with special equipment supervision.

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