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1. High degree of automation, rapid processing, continuous enter and exit of garage, high parking efficiency; the car forward into and out of the garage, convenient and comfortable to parking and retrieve of the car; can realize multiple people to access the vehicle at the same time.

2. With compact overall structure design, low floor height and high space utilization rate; it can realize large-capacity parking from hundreds to thousands.

3. Available for above-ground and underground garages, with fast access speed and driving forward, without reversing or U-turning.

4. Fully enclosed construction, safe parking and retrieval of cars; high efficiency and low noise.

5. With the characteristics of space saving, flexible design, diverse shapes, low investment, low cost and maintenance cost, and convenient control and operation.

6. There are multiple safety protection measures to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

7. Easy to operate, can be managed centrally or operated by the customer themselves.

8. No emission of automobile exhaust, clean and environmentally friendly.

9. The maximum capacity of vehicle up to 3 tons, which can meet the parking needs of large and luxury vehicles.

10. The electrical control components adopt the products of internationally renowned companies to make the equipment run reliably and smoothly.


Public parking lots, government agencies, Commercial center, hospitals, etc. Areas where have tight land, many types of vehicles, large mobility, and high automation requirements.


Vehicle Size


Vehicle weight


Storage mode


Driving mode

Geared motor drive + chain/wire rope lifting

Power supply

3 Phase 5 wire 380v, 50Hz

Control mode

Button/ IC Card/License plate recognition/APP reservation

Average retrieval time(s)



Equipment diagram:

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