• 2 Level Puzzle parking is designed in 2 layers and multiple columns. There is a horizontal shift empty space is set on the first floor of each group.

  • Vertical rotary mechanical parking is a parking system that uses a circular motion perpendicular to the ground to parking and retrieve vehicles. Its working principle is to drive the transmission mechanism through the geared motor, and install a storage trailer pallet at a certain distance on the traction component-the chain, and the storage trailer pallet circulates along with the chain to achieve the purpose of parking and retrieve the vehicle.

  • The multi-layer rotary parking adopts the car-carrying plate circulating to move up and down to storage vehicles on multi levels. so as to reduce the floor space and improve the automatic degree of car access. . This kind of garage does not need a ramp, saves land, has automatic access, is convenient and fast, and has wide applicability.

  • Doubled your parking space. No special requirements for the land area.

  • The equipment can be design in 2 layers or 3 layers. The Upper and lower parking space are fixed as one lifting unit, which usually hides in the pit. The vehicle on top layer can be directly retrieve. The vehicle on lower parking board can be retrieve after the lower layer parking board is level with the ground.

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