Product Details

Working principle:

The equipment searches for parking space by horizontal and vertical movement of stacker lift or bridge crane, and uses the horizontal moving mechanism of stacker lift or bridge crane to park or retrieve vehicles.


1. There is no need for ramp, land occupation is saved, and the vehicle capacity density is large, which can improve the land utilization rate;

2. Fully automatic parking equipment, fully enclosed construction, fast storage (pick-up) speed;

3. It is suitable to be built in a large garage with short laneway but multi storeies.. 

4. With safety protection device, ensure the safe and reliable to avoid various accidents.

5. . Adopt photoelectric safety detection to control vehicle specifications and parking quantity;

6. In general, there is no need for forced ventilation and large area lighting, which saves energy;


It is suitable for both above ground and underground. Especially suitable for large garages with short laneway but multi storeies.


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