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Working principle:

This type of equipment is designed in multiple layers and multiple columns, with one empty parking space on each floor except for the top floor. All parking spaces except the bottom floor can be raised and lowered, and all parking spaces except the top floor can be moved horizontally. When a parking space needs to access a vehicle, all the  below parking pallet from the parking space to the empty parking space are horizontal movement by a distance of one parking space in the direction of the empty parking space, and a lift channel is formed under the parking space. Then the parking space can be free to go rise or down, when it drops to the ground level, the vehicle can go in or go out.


1. Multiple safety protection, with anti-fall, anti-collision, anti-overload and a series of protection devices;

2. Make full use of space, save land, increase the storage efficiency several times, The number of vehicles parked is about 5 times the number of traditional parking lots;

3. Fully automatic PLC control, Operate by buttons, IC card, remote control and other control methods, easy to operate; Can be flexible structure design according to clients’ requirements and the site.


The 4 Level-7 level Puzzle parking are on-ground parking system, suitable for residential areas, commercial centers, office buildings, stations, hospitals and other places. The garage is not a whole building. It is composed of independent modules, such as parking spaces, lifting devices, smart car carriers and other scattered parts. All the parts are assembled like building blocks when installing. It has the advantages of saving time and low cost.

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