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The main body of intelligent warehousing is composed of racks, lane-type stacking cranes, entry (exit) workbenches and automatic transport (exit) and operation control systems. The shelf is a building or structure with steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. The shelf is a standard-sized cargo space. The lane stacking crane travels through the lane between the shelves to complete the storage and retrieval work. Computer and barcode technology are used in management.

Equipment advantages:

Use three-dimensional warehouse equipment to realize the rationalization of warehouse high-level, automatic storage and easy operation:

(1) High shelf storage. Save land and make full use of warehouse space to increase storage capacity;

(2) Automatic access. Sending and receiving are accurate and rapid, improving the efficiency of in and out of the warehouse, freeing up manpower by mechanical automation and reducing labor intensity;

(3) Computer control. Automatically accurately store and manage information, and automatically print various reports.

(4) It can be used in conjunction with other conveying equipment to better link the warehouse and workshop.

With the development and widespread application of computer technology and automatic control technology, the development of automated warehouse systems has become more rapid , more and more adopted by many industries.

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